Formycine Gold Premix 

 Composition  -  Formaldehyde 28.6%
 - Propionic Acid 10%
 - Bentonite Montmorillionate 39%
 - Silicon Dioxide 22.4%
 Use    Germicide, Virucide and Mould inhibitor of formulated feed and raw materials 
 - Sanitation of feed and facilities
 - Stabilized formula of Formaldeyde for long lasting effect
 - Manufactured by a unique dry powder technology for maximum mixing
   efficiency and distribution
 - Lowest record of loss on heating (4.8%)
 - Improves the quality of the intestinal flora
 - Lowers the Ammonia in the poultry house from 10 ppm to 2 ppm.EU
   approved ingredients
 Application   - In low contamination risk: 0.5-1 kg/ton of feed
 - In high contamination risk: 2 kg/ton of feed 
 Packing     25 kg bags
  Origin   Spain-IQF Carotech/